Safety and security

  1. Unlimited Geofences and realtime alerting ensure you are in complete control of your drivers and vehicles
  2. Realtime tracking and an intuitive dashboard ensure you know exactly where your assets are at all times
  3. Use maintenance alerts to ensure vehicles are fully compliant and safe to use

Knowing exactly where my lone workers are and when they enter high risk areas ensures peace of mind

Director of Nursing - Richards Nursing


Not only do our GPS Trackers provide state-of-the-art once per second tracking and flexible alerting and geofencing providing a significant deterrent for vehicle thieves, we can also supply our unique personal panic button to help protect lone workers, new or nervous drivers and vulnerable drivers.

Developed in-house to offer an additional layer of protection for vulnerable broken-down drivers in South Africa, we have now brought the technology back to the UK to provide a way of alerting loved-ones or other emergency contacts that you require assistance at the push of a button.

With a range of around 40 meters around a vehicle fitting with one of our trackers, the Panic Button provides excellent coverage and instantaneously alerts your contacts list via SMS with a link to track your location live.

Key Facts

  • High Frequency tracking results in the most accurate geofencing service available
  • Real-time notifications to mobile and email
  • 40M+ range on Panic Buttons

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