Mileage Logging

  1. Second by second recording for most accurate tracking
  2. Track engine RPM and receive updates when vehicles require servicing
  3. Optional Driver ID to track individual drivers trips

I downloaded the app to my phone and was recording my business and personal miles within 2 minutes! Awesome!!

J Reed - JR Surveyors


Our GPS trackers record each trip that your vehicle makes and you can use the website or app to look through your trips, great for filling out expense claims or remembering that cool ride you did last weekend. Unlike other providers we record your trips once-per-second giving the most accurate trip recording on the market today

Trips are recorded per vehicle and for each driver, so if you have more than 1 person driving the same car, you can track each drivers mileage and information. We even provide you with some helpful driving feedback every 10 days!

You can even share your trips with others, just imagine discovering an amazing route on your motorbike or classic car and being able to share your route with others immediately, its amazing for group trips and touring holidays.

The website provides second-by-second tracking of all drivers and vehicles and shows a handy timeline for each on our intuitive website with interactive maps along with a wealth of stats about each driver.

Key Facts

  • 10,000+ vehicles tracked in realtime 24/7 using DrivePro Fleet platform
  • Manage your fleet from any mobile or computer
  • Realtime data from all your assets
  • Analyze behaviour and manage your drivers effectively

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